Rare Pairs 2017 letter

Jun. 23rd, 2017 06:46 pm
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Dear Creator,

thank you very much for writing for me.

Please take my letter with a grain of salt - write the story you want to write, and want to read, and I'm sure I'll be happy! But since that is hardly helpful for you, I have compiled this letter for you. Consider it a mere suggestion.

Again, thank you, and happy creating!


Do not wants
While I don't have any triggers, there are some things I'd rather avoid. Extreme kinks of the scat or vore ilk aren't my cup of tea, as are sexual humiliation, slavery, daddy kink. No adultery/cheating, please, and if a canon couple must be split for my ship, I'd rather they were never together. Never a fan of bashing, or downplaying one character to raise up another. There might be other DNWs for specific pairings, but that's what comes to mind in general.

I like exploration of the dynamics between characters, telling little slice of life moments/snapshots, I love emotions flying high as much as these quiet (bitter-)sweet moments. I adore banter and being able to laugh together, especially in my ships. I'm a sucker for equal partners supporting another no matter what fate throws at them. Give me babies or pregnancy, cute things, fluffy things, awkward dorks in love. But I'm also a sucker for angst, don't be afraid to go dark if that's where inspiration takes you. I'm good with bleak things, and even tragic endings. I love grey things, imperfect things, flawed happy endings, Pyrrhic victories. I also love ensemble fic, there's no need to focus solely on the ship, I'll love team fic, too.

I leave the rating up to you, I'm fine with everything from G to E. I'm not so much into modern world AUs of the college/coffee shop flavour, but I adore AUs like historical, canon divergence or canonverse AU, rule 63 or allegiance change.

For smutty things I can't really think of any kinks I'd like to specifically ask for. Just, as much as I love pure PWP, I'm really in love with smut with a plot, or rather, smut which delves into the characters, their relationship and their dynamics. I'm always madly in love with humorous smut or fail!sex. I'm fine with a lot of stuff you often get on dnws, like a/b/o or mpreg, so just go ahead with whatever you feel inspired to write.

For artists
First of all, I'd like to apologize how utterly unhelpful I am when it comes to requesting for art. Art is just magic to you, and the process of creating it as incomprehensible. Be certain I'll love whatever you create! I don't really have a preferred style or type of fanart. I do love funny art, feel free to be as silly as you like. I like both drawings and edits, if that helps, and I love both traditional and digital art. I'm a fan of height differences, so if that applies to the couple it'd be cute.


Black Sails

For this fandom, ignore my "no other canon partners" DNW, though I'd prefer my ship being endgame.

Anne Bonny/Max
They fascinate me - their strong wills, the power plays, the desire, the protectiveness. Also, the sizzling tension, yes, please! I'd love an AU ending for them, or other canon divergence. Would really love some "5/10 years later" for them in a verse where they have a future, also love moments of them showing their trust and faith in another. Missing moments would be love.

Eleanor Guthrie/Max
These two make me so sad, I'd love for you to break my heart some more. Go as dark and angry as you like. I'd love exploration of their complicated feelings for another, introspection would be loved. But I'd also enjoy a glimpse into happier days, or their earliest days when they just met, and of course fix-it AUs. I'd also love glimpses into an alternate Black Sails where they remain on the same team, and how that changes things.

Anne Bonny/"Calico" Jack Rackham/Max
The dynamic between these three and how they make it work for all its imperfection and tension is one of my favorite things about Black Sails. I'd love to watch them struggle to gain some balance between the three of them, or moments where they have gained it - a glimpse into being one team all three of them, plotting or just relaxing after they pulled a coup, being cute or sexy together...

Anne Bonny/"Calico" Jack Rackham
I would absolutely love some backstory for them (young Jack and Anne, so cute!) or post-canon adventures, and will love glimpses into their canon life just as much. I love them always having another's back, and their acceptance even when times get tough for them.

Abigail Ashe/Eleanor Guthrie
Abigail is a strong and opinionated young woman fascinated by pirates, and I would absolutely love for her to be charmed by the Queen of Thieves who saved her. Missing moments or scenarios where Abigail spends more time in Nassau with Eleanor would be great, but I could also see them meeting again later in life (Abigail giving Eleanor strength in London? Post-canon reunion?)

DC Cinematic Universe

Floyd Lawton/Harleen Quinzel
Oh man, these two! I was in love the moment I first saw these two interact, and only fell harder over the course of the movie. I would love some awkward post-SS reunion, or an AU in which Harley didn't escape with the Joker and they keep fighting together in the Suicide Squad. I'll be just as happy with fluff as with angst for them. Building trust and kicking ass together would be great. I also love backstory exploration, especially for Harley. Lawton family things would be wonderful. (Ignore my "no other partners" DNW, Joker-related drama is just fine!)

Diana/Isabel Maru | Doctor Poison
I love that Diana is the one to see the humanity in Doctor Poison, and (literally) reveal what lays beneath the mask. I would love to see interactions between them which play on that. It doesn't have to be super shippy, just give me them together and a promise of "maybe one day" and I'll be happy. But I'd love dark and twisted things for them just as much, make it an impossible, forbidden thing.

Floyd Lawton/Bruce Wayne
They have such a short moment in Suicide Squad, but I'd love to see other times they ran into another, and there was maybe a little bit more than just emnity. Did they develop grudging respect for another which grew into attraction? How about Bruce checking up on Floyd after he captured him? Him needing the help of on-the-government-payroll Deadshot?

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Ignore the "no other partners" DNW here, though I'd prefer my ship being endgame.

Sara Lance/Kendra Saunders
I love how they become friends over helping another work through their demons, and that they feel comfortable confiding in another. I'd love to see how their friendship turns into love, or some sizzling UST would be wonderful, too. Also, how about Sara seeking out Kendra for support? Or cute flirty scenes, them getting into trouble together... Just the ladies being awesome together!

Ray Palmer/Kendra Saunders
Their relationship is so cute and I love the development they have over the course of it. My favorite thing about their relationship is Kendra's inner conflict between pre-determined love and chosen love - and how supportive and accepting Ray is of her inner conflict, and the choice she makes, even when it looks like she won't choose him. I would love more moments of that, and of course I'd love divergences where they get a happy ending. Also love them being a nerd/welder team, or glimpses into their two years together.

Game of Thrones

Yara Greyjoy/Daenerys Targaryen
Power couple FTW! I would love to see little glimpses into how they make it work. Do they have to hide, do they have stolen moments, are they political allies as well as lovers, or can they maybe even marry and rule together? Just let me see their life together. But I'd love courting, too. Yara impressing Dany with her Ironborn skills, or Dany taking her dragonriding maybe?

Sansa Stark/Brienne of Tarth
The lady and her knight, anyone? I love them bonding; protecting and supporting another each with their respective skills. I would love to see missing moments in canon for them, or something set in the future, possibly post-canon. Just let my girls be happy together.

Jessica Jones

Luke Cage/Jessica Jones
I would absolutely love missing moments in canon, or introspective moments where they struggle with their feelings for another. But I'd also adore all the angsty, sad torment of dealing with the fallout of canon revelations. Can they build something from these shards, or is whatever they try to build just going to be broken from the start? Feel free to make me hurt, folks.

Rogue One

Jyn Erso/K-2SO
They are so snarky at another! I would love you for giving me more of that, no lie. How do they find together, both hiding behind a wall of cynicism? Do they maybe recognise a kindred soul there? Maybe they have to work together on a mission, just the two of them? I would also love to see sad AUs where Cassian died and they find comfort in another.

Cassian Andor/Orson Krennic

I'd love to see them meet when Cassian is undercover, and play their cat and mouse games - oldest spy story in the book of the spy getting attracted to his mark? I'd also love something set post-canon where both survive and clash with another as a personification of their respective demons - maybe if Krennic is a rebel prisoner, and Cassian the interrogator? Make this one hurt and go as dark and bleak as you'd like, make them compete to see who can make the other bleed more with words alone. I'd especially love a full dose of Cassian self-loathing, losing (himself) even if he wins the game.  

Galen Erso/Lyra Erso
I'm fascinated by their life together, and in particular their life in hiding. Please show me them working together to protect their family and keep out of the hands of the Empire. Making plans, or coping with all these training drills and the fear. Or maybe something from more carefree days, how did they meet? How did they feel when they had Jyn? Feel free to make this a family fic instead of straightforward shippy.

Jyn Erso/Bodhi Rook
They're both an awkward fit with the Rebel Alliance proper, but maybe that will be common ground. I'd love to see bonding moments between them, missing moments or in an AU where they survive. Grieving together for Galen, or bonding over something uniquely Jedhan. AU meetings would be lovely, too, maybe Jyn was still with Saw when Bodhi showed up? Or what about a Bodhi who signed up with Saw's rebels, Jyn and Bodhi fighting side by side on Jedha, supporting another, does she trust him with her real name?

Cassian Andor/K-2SO
There are so many stories to tell about the adventures they had together over the years, and how they grew closer. I'm fine with anything from fluffy or humor to dark, and always love their banter. I'm very intrigued by what it means to them that Cassian reprogrammed K-2SO. Does either ever wonder if their special bond is something that was (subconsciously) programmed into him? What about free will, and the power imbalance between a man and his droid? That Kay is legally an object, not a person? Just how weird (or not) is it being in love with a droid/organic and what are the little things that are different? Is their relationship accepted or scandalous, what do their comrades think? If you go for sex, I'd love some interspecies awkward, especially if it's handled with humor and affection.

Cassian Andor/Bodhi Rook
Fix-it canon divergence is love, but so is meeting during one of Cassian's undercover missions. How about an unexpectedly cute Imperial pilot throwing a wrench in his best-laid mission plans? Or Bodhi discovering the truth, and having to choose? I also love established relationship fic dealing with the differences between their personalities and backstories, the choices they have made. And how do they cope with another's role in the rebels, like, how does Bodhi cope with the many secrets that come with Cassian's job? How do they deal with the other's high-risk job? Do they ever have to comfort another in sleepless nightmare-riddled nights? Or on the lighter side, how about sharing Festan and Jedhan cuisine or traditions? I would love some attempting-normal-life curtain fic for them.

Jyn Erso/Leia Organa
They never got to meet on screen, but maybe in a kinder AU they did, and got to be rebel heroines together! I'd absolutely love to see Leia being her Rebel Princess self and Jyn her most trusted soldier and partner in rebelling and life, or do they butt heads all the time but are secretly in looove? Maybe they bond over Leia being the one who brings the plans to safety for which Jyn risked her life. Or did they run into another on an earlier (mis-)adventure? Did Leia ever have to bail out that loudmouth troublemaker, or was it even Jyn who helped Leia out of a tight spot? Basically, I just want to see these ladies being awesome and in love together.

The Last Kingdom

Uhtred of Bebbanburg/Alfred of Wessex
There is so much tension between these two, and Alfred often agonizes over Uthred being his temptation like a man struggling with far more personal than dominant religion woes. I would love to see them come together in a clash of two strong-minded leaders - for better or worse. Also feel free to go dark with Alfred using Uthred's feelings or attraction to manipulate him - or maybe it is Uthred who beats the king at his own game?

Aethelflaed/Erik Thurgilson
They're wonderful and I wanted them to have their happy end though I knew they wouldn't give it. I would adore missing moments for them, but I also crave fix-it fics where they end up together (and alive!) Maybe a wedding to bring peace?

Uhtred of Bebbanburg/Brida
I love them so much! Please give me all the cute stories of them growing up together, or angsty stories of dealing with the aftermath of losing their family and only having one another to rely on. Angst of Brida not fitting in at Alfred's court would be lovely, too.

I would love to see them get to know another and find a sort of kindred spirit in another for all their differences. I'm sure Aethelflaed is jealous that Hild gets to have all these adventures while she is stuck using her swordmanship in training, maybe they train together, or have adventures on their own? Or how about Hild supporting her after season 2?

Uhtred of Bebbanburg/Hild
Their friendship means so much to me, but maybe you'd like to explore the hints of what could be? I would love to see a sweet little romance develop between them. Them sparring together could be fun, or learning about their religious and cultural differences.

Brida/Ragnar Ragnarsson
I adore the development of their relationship, from growing up together to being friends and becoming lovers. We don't see them become lovers, and they have all these off-screen adventures. I'd love to see some moments of their life together when the cameras are looking elsewhere.

What a wonderful world

Jun. 20th, 2017 10:22 pm
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Raks Geek - bellydancing Wookiee! And the rest of their playlist is fun, too - dancing Tardis, Klingon vs. Federation belly dance off, fire-twirling Rey, hee!
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I recently finished reading an interesting book, After the Ice Age: The Return of Life to Glaciated North America by E. C. Pielou. (I'm researching what parts of the Earth looked like for humans at the end of the last glaciation, when the big ice started melting and the sea levels started rising.)

In researching Ice Ages, I learned a number of interesting things. One is that we are still in the Quaternary Ice Age; we are merely in an inter-glacial within the Ice Age. The Ice Age will not end until the continents stop surrounding the north pole and the Antarctic continent moves off the south pole. That's a very long time in the future. In the meantime, glacials and inter-glacials are governed (mostly) by Milankovitch Cycles, though the changes in Earth's orbit affect temperature in complex ways. Note that neither element (plate tectonics, orbital cycles) is under human control. There will be another glaciation, and there is not much we can do about it.... except maybe dump lots of CO2 in the air.

But wait, isn't everyone worried about anthropogenic global warming (AGW)? Well, yes... and no. The warmest period of the current interglacial, the Holocene Climate Optimum (aka hypsithermal), ended about 5000 years ago, about the time of Egypt's Old Kingdom, which developed during the warm, wet period. It's cooler now than it was during the Optimum; in North America, various temperature-sensitive ecosystems were several hundred kilometers north of where they are now. Right now, we might warm back up to that temperature; the main thing that climate scientists are concerned about is the rate of warming, which seems greater than what has happened before. On the other hand, sudden climate changes don't show well in the fossil record; the resolution isn't that good. We know it warmed very rapidly at the start of the Optimum.

The Little Ice Age may have been the start of the next round of glaciation (the "neoglacial")--if so, it was reversed right around the time industrialization started dumping CO2 in the air in a big way, about 1850. AGW may well be what is staving off the next glaciation; we don't know enough yet. What we do know is that panicking that "global warming will destroy the world!!1!!" is stupid hysterical nonsense.

Another glaciation, on the other hand... well, look at the last glaciation. There is nothing quite as devastating to an ecosystem as grinding it under a few hundred feet of ice--not even strip-mining for coal is that bad. Nothing lives on an ice sheet, and nothing bigger than microbes and algae lives under it. (Although there are cave refugia under the rock under the ice where cave lifeforms carry on...). The sheer weight of a continental ice sheet depresses the continental crust under it (this will be important later); the presence of a continental ice sheet alters the weather in major ways, as icy catabatic winds howl off the ice sheet to sweep the lands surrounding the ice (it also carries dust for hundreds of miles, piling up massive loess deposits beyond the ice). All that water locked up in a continental ice sheet is no longer part of the water cycle; the whole planet becomes drier and more arid. Polar deserts and tundra surround the ice sheets; boreal forests persist in humid areas of what used to be the temperate zone. The rest of the mid-latitudes are cold steppe. Temperate forests get pushed back to the humid sub-tropics; the tropics become more arid and rainforests nearly vanish, replaced with steppe; the old steppe becomes deserts. The Sahara desert enlarges far beyond the current nightmares of desertification. Alpine and tundra life persists at the edge of the ice, or in isolated refugia along the coast or on nunataks. The sea-level falls 100-120 meters.

The end of the glaciation was also devastating. The great ice sheets slowly thinned and melted back, revealing land scrapped bare of soil except for the layer deposited by the retreating ice. Vast icy lakes of melt-water formed at the melting edges of the ice sheets, because the land was still depressed from the weight of the ice. Beyond the ice sheets, the land had bulged upward in isotatic reaction; as the crust rebounded from the weight of the ice, the land beyond the ice sheets sank back down to its normal position, adding isostatic sinking to the eustatic sea level rise from the melting ice. (Because the bordering crust had bulged upward, at first the glacial melting didn't raise the sea levels much...then it suddenly did). As the crust that had been under the ice sheet rose, the proglacial lakes switched drainage routes, and/or drained away--the vast freshwater sea that covered what is now the Great Lakes and most of Ontario eventually settled into the Great Lakes; the inland freshwater seas further west shrunk into the Great Bear and Great Slave lakes of the present day. (Fish populations re-populated the interior because of these lakes and drainage switching around, as fish can't walk to new lakes or rivers). Plants slowly migrated northwards, from the south or from refugia, first the pioneers that could grow in rock dust, sand and gravel, later the plants that needed damp, organic-heavy soil to root in. Animals moved in as fast as the plants they could browse on, though the big carnivores could cross sea ice and barrens in search of prey (Newfoundland is top-heavy with carnivore species because of this). Humans moved in where there was sufficient food, and hunted mammoths.

The sea level rose and rose and rose as the great ice sheets melted and the crust rebounded, up to 120 meters in some places. Beringia flooded, and became Siberia and Alaska. The dry land ('Doggerland') between the British Isles and Scandanavia floods, becoming the North Sea and the English Channel. Much of Southeast Asia becomes the string of large and small islands that we are familiar with today, instead of the low-lying continental mass it was during the glaciation. The face of the world changed.

Note that I am not arguing that global warming is happening--that it is undebatable fact, measured by satellite for several decades now, and by buoy and ground station for over a century. We have the numbers. There is a correlation with global CO2 levels. What we don't know: how hot does it get before Earth's feedback mechanisms kick in and damp it down? The oceans lock up and deposit excess CO2 in the form of carbonates via the Carbonate-silicate weathering cycle; the hotter it gets, the faster that happens, until enough carbon dioxide is pulled out of the atmosphere to cool things down to Ice Age glaciation levels again.

Panic and hysteria help no one and nothing, except someone with an agenda that requires people to react without thinking. They certainly don't solve the problem of AGW...if it is a problem that can be solved, or even needs to be solved. Climate does change, it has changed drasticly in the past, it will change in the future, it is changing now. Things will never be exactly like they were last Tuesday, that's just not how the Earth works.


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